Willow at Sunset

My favourite tree, if I had the chance I would plant thsee all around my house. I often wonder when a see a smaller willow what happens years futher down the line.

We had an enormous willow in our backyard, it was about 50 feet from the house. I remember getting in trouble and my Mum chasing me with her feather duster, I would run outside and climb the willow. My brother was with me one day and Mum chased us all the way to the bottom…we scurried up that tree in about 5 seconds flat. It filled the whole section of the backyard and would hang in a big circle about 2 feet from the ground. When my cousins were over we would play hide & seek in there…and other games. There was a rope swing my Dad had hitched up.

I was so sad the day Dad said he had to dig it up…the roots were destroying the pipes all the way down to the front yard, which was quite a way considering it was 1/4 acre block. When it was gone…there was nothing in the backyard.



I did 5 rows, and my little guy decided I should start again, so I did 2, start again, cast on….twice…ok,  maybe next week! Is this what they call the joys of toddlerhood?

One cherry tomato

We planted various plants this year, but between my weed wacking husband, the dog and the heat, they didn’t stand a chance. The dog got this one…I couldn’t understand why it started dying, when I had nourished it so well. Sure enough doggie got out one day (actually he does every day) and up with the leg. Now our dog is about 130lbs and he can pee for almost 2 minutes. Poor cherry tomato. 


Sweet grits & rasberry jam for breakfast (the jam went on croissants).

One cup rasberries, one cup organic sugar, bring to a soft boil, for a few minites, let them cool and put ina fancy glass jar in the refrigerator. Best jam I’ve ever had!