Willow at Sunset

My favourite tree, if I had the chance I would plant thsee all around my house. I often wonder when a see a smaller willow what happens years futher down the line.

We had an enormous willow in our backyard, it was about 50 feet from the house. I remember getting in trouble and my Mum chasing me with her feather duster, I would run outside and climb the willow. My brother was with me one day and Mum chased us all the way to the bottom…we scurried up that tree in about 5 seconds flat. It filled the whole section of the backyard and would hang in a big circle about 2 feet from the ground. When my cousins were over we would play hide & seek in there…and other games. There was a rope swing my Dad had hitched up.

I was so sad the day Dad said he had to dig it up…the roots were destroying the pipes all the way down to the front yard, which was quite a way considering it was 1/4 acre block. When it was gone…there was nothing in the backyard.


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