You’re Worth It


The trust of a child….it’s amazing isn’t it? As a Mum of 7, believe me that’s a lot of trust that’s been given me. How is it that a child will trust a parent without question, but we do not trust God? It’s something I struggle with greatly.

I love this photo…it’s so real, I can almost bend down and pick him up and plant big kisses on his cheeks. And although I like the polished, edited versions, I very rarely edit my photos more than auto contrast. I like the way real life looks. I like ‘real’.  To be free we need to trust. God is worthy, we are worthy.

eta: Ironically, I watched a video today on editing in the beauty business. You may be familiar with Dove products. I used to model before digital and I confess I was quite astounded at the degree of manipulation. After I was looking at beautiful photos of children that no doubt some of us Mum’s take with our cameras. I wondered what they see with their eyes, and the message we are passing to them. Here’s the link to the video in case your interested. Dove evolution



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