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You’re Worth It


The trust of a child….it’s amazing isn’t it? As a Mum of 7, believe me that’s a lot of trust that’s been given me. How is it that a child will trust a parent without question, but we do not trust God? It’s something I struggle with greatly.

I love this photo…it’s so real, I can almost bend down and pick him up and plant big kisses on his cheeks. And although I like the polished, edited versions, I very rarely edit my photos more than auto contrast. I like the way real life looks. I like ‘real’.  To be free we need to trust. God is worthy, we are worthy.

eta: Ironically, I watched a video today on editing in the beauty business. You may be familiar with Dove products. I used to model before digital and I confess I was quite astounded at the degree of manipulation. After I was looking at beautiful photos of children that no doubt some of us Mum’s take with our cameras. I wondered what they see with their eyes, and the message we are passing to them. Here’s the link to the video in case your interested. Dove evolution


Void of Pretense (Naked) – The Sunday Creative

This is the first time I’m joining in with Madeline at Life Set to Words.

I took this photo at the beach last week. My nephews moved down to Georgia 4 years ago and came back for a visit. This is my son, and oldest nephew, they are only 3 months apart. After spending years with them thru their baby/toddlerhood, and youth, I have watched them finally grow into strong young men.

I love this photo because, as anyone with a teenaged boy will know, it’s very rare they’re not flexing their muscles, or showing off in general, and here they look distracted and relaxed, void of pretense. I have no idea what they were doing.



Ruby Red Macro

I’ve been trying to take photos indoors for a while, but my house is so dark & my camera doesn’t want to work without the flash most of the time. So I was very happy that this shot worked, with just a dim dining light on.


I’ve been in the city the past week, but I can’t get online, thankyou everyone for stopping by and leaving your comments. I wish I could post something a little more exciting but I just happened to have an old photo on a draft.

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