We have no car for the summer…my husband uses the van for work…so we kinda get stuck at home…but luckily a water park was built just 2 summers ago and guess where we spend all day every day lol! It’s been so hot here the past 2 weeks, over 90 nearly every day, so I’m glad the kids have this. Just wish I were a kid again!

The water is still very cold…and there are some that don’t like to get too wet!

I really hope everyone enjoys their summer…now that I live in the Northern Hemisphere away from perfect weather…I really appreciate it more!


8 thoughts on “Summer

  1. look at those brilliant, brilliant summer pictures of yours! splashingly amusing.
    ps on the macia bayla : YES, do go listen to the song. you’ won’t be able to keep still !!!
    bye, nadine

  2. Your photographs are wonderful!! I loved the blues, the aqua definitely reminded me of my childhood at the community pool. I hope you enjoy the summer, though it’s been hot for you. It has been hot here in Northeast GA , over 90 every day and humid with real-feel temps in the low 100s. But it’s SUMMER!!!! Yay!

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