We have no car for the summer…my husband uses the van for work…so we kinda get stuck at home…but luckily a water park was built just 2 summers ago and guess where we spend all day every day lol! It’s been so hot here the past 2 weeks, over 90 nearly every day, so I’m glad the kids have this. Just wish I were a kid again!

The water is still very cold…and there are some that don’t like to get too wet!

I really hope everyone enjoys their summer…now that I live in the Northern Hemisphere away from perfect weather…I really appreciate it more!



Flying Low

There’s something I really like about this photo…just don’t know what it is.




I really had to think of something I did daily, that wasn’t…well…so tedious and boring….after all I’m doing housework nearly all day and night. One predominent thing that is on my mind daily is the time. I always feel like I’m trying to keep up with it as it quickly slips away. This was a drive by shot heading towards the Queensborough Bridge on the way out of Manhattan.


The daisies had taken over our little park at the end of our street. I took a bubble machine down for the children to play with, and we ended up staying til after the sun went down. The lights ar eas bright as those in a baseball stadium so we didn’t notice it was dark. We were having a wonderful time. The photos I took didn’t come out too clearly…but I liked the dreamy effect. 

June 2010 Photo Hunt Challenge



1. Hilarious Out-Takes


2. Creative Crop 


3. Sun Flare


4. Sweet Dreams


5. Work



6. Play


7. Cookout/Picnic


8. Transportation


9. Money/Currency


10. A Fountain


11. A Night Scene


12. B&W with Selective Coloring


13. Something Old


14. Something New


15. Something Borrowed


16. Something Blue

17. Something Musical


18. Something Purple


19. Something Yellow


20. Something Scenic